Steps to Take After Your has Been Broken Into

Steps Encino Businesses Need to take After being Broke into.

Unfortunately, after one successful break-in, your office becomes even more vulnerable to a repeat offense. Also, break-ins lead to a general feeling of insecurity amongst employees, staff, customers and others who are affected. Homes and Businesses get burglarized every 20 seconds.  Must occur after your office, store, or nom residential building is close and at night. 

If your office is broken into, it’s essential that you take immediate action to secure the area, regain stability and create a strategic plan to prevent additional incidents.

1. Call Police 

2. Take Photos 

3. Call a Licensed Board Up and Glass Repair Company then Call your Insurance Company. If you call insurance agent first it will cause a major time issue in getting the work started immediately. 

4. Always better to have 1 company do all all the work. 

5. Never trust sites who are third party subcontractors. Too many reasons to list them all. 

6. Protect yourself and business by quickly have professional experts secure, board up, and clean up your property. 

7.  File a official report. 





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